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TERMS & CONDITIONS  Revised 31.03.2024

Submission of an online booking will be deemed as acceptance of these ‘Terms & Conditions’ in full. Any variations affecting existing bookings that occur will be notified to you by email. Terms & Conditions will be revised intermittently as required and updated here.

  1. Stay with us on Skye operates under Short Term Let License Number HI-30064IF
  1. The contract is between your primary contact, named as having placed the booking online, and ‘Stay with us on Skye’, T/A Kildonan Holiday Home.
  2. ‘Stay with us on Skye’ is the marketing name of the business trading as Kildonan Holiday Home, owned and operated by Aileen Robertson and Gordon MacKay.
  3. All financial payments will be received and made by Kildonan Holiday Home.
  4. By completing and submitting the online booking form you are entering a legally binding contract to rent the property as detailed and for the period of time indicated. You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and to pay in full, the fees by the due dates detailed in this form.
  5. Having completed the form and submitted a booking, it will be taken that you read and understood these conditions and accept these terms and conditions in full.
  1. For legal and safety reasons each property has a maximum number of people that can occupy the property. At no time, should occupancy exceed that limit.
  2.  Anyone staying at the property must be named on the booking form.
  1. Up tp 2 dogs are welcome, per property, free of charge. They must be noted on the booking form.
  2. They should not be left, unaccompanied in the property, unless they are contained in a secure bed.
  3. They must not be allowed [1] to sleep on the beds in the property or [2] to foul in the garden.
  4. The apartments are in a crofting community and care should be exercised around livestock.
  5. Please note fences are not stock proof.
  1. All properties are let, as advertised, including bedding, linen, £50 electric, 1 bag of logs per weekly let.
  2. Towels are available as an extra and must be ordered at the time of booking.
  3. All properties are strictly NON SMOKING.
  4. WiFi is available in both apartments. The connection is provided and intended for keeping in touch, researching information for your visit and live streaming if the connection is sufficient at the time of use. Based in Ascrib it is shared by Shiant and therefore not a secure connection and should be used accordingly. We do not guarantee the availability of WiFi or the connectivity speed as these aspects of provision are controlled by our broadband provider.
  5. Electric Vehicle charging is NOT included. Under no circumstances can the domestic wiring be used to charge an electric vehicle. The property’s electrical safety certificate does not include this facility and therefore the property is not licensed or insured for this purpose.

LONG LEAD BOOKINGS:  Bookings placed more than 6 weeks ahead of arrival

  1. A 1st DEPOSIT of 25% deposit is required with your booking and can be paid online using a Credit or Debit Card when you place your booking.
  2. Alternatively you can opt to pay by Bank Transfer during the payment process.  That payment must be received within 24 hrs of your booking being placed. If your deposit is not received by BACS within this time, your booking will be cancelled and you will be advised of cancellation by email.
  3. The FULL BALANCE is due 6 weeks/42 days prior to arrival. You will be sent a payment reminder which will include a payment link if you wish to pay by Credit or Debit Card. You can also pay by Bank Transfer.
  4. If payment of the balance due is not received by the due date, we will contact you by email to give 24 hrs notice to make contact with us and to arrange payment of all amounts due. Failure to make payment will result in your booking being cancelled and the property released back into the booking system. Any deposit paid will be forfeited.
  5. Your name or reference number should be attached to all payments to enable their identification and receipt.
  6. All DEPOSITS are non-refundable.
  7. **Please read our Covid Flexible T&C’s detailed below.

IMMINENT BOOKINGS: Bookings placed less than 6 weeks ahead of arrival

  1. The FULL BALANCE is payable with your booking and can be paid online using a Credit or Debit Card when you place your booking.
  2. Alternatively you can opt to pay by Bank Transfer during the payment process and payment must be received within 24 hrs of your booking being placed. If your deposit is not received by BACS within this time, your booking will be cancelled and you will be advised of cancellation by email.
  3. Your name or reference number should be attached to all payments to enable their identification and receipt.
  4. All DEPOSITS are non-refundable.
  5. **Please read our Covid Flexible T&C’s detailed below.

We advise you to take out holiday cancellation insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances that may require you to cancel. Please note the additional Covid Specific Terms below.

  1. If we are required, for any reason, to cancel your booking we will refund in full, all rental payments made to us.
  2. We cannot be held liable for any other holiday costs that you may incur.
  3. Where possible we will assist you to make alternative accommodation arrangements.
  1. Cancellations must be received in writing to [email protected] by the balance due date.
  2. Cancellations received 6 weeks/42 days or less prior to arrival are payable in full 100%.
  1. Entry to the property will be after 1700 on the day and date noted on your booking form.
  2. Departure from the property will be 0930 on the day and date noted on your booking form.
  3. We request that you respect these arrival and departure times as changeover time is limited, particularly with robust Covid protocols in place.
  4. A system of self check in and checkout is in place. This offers you flexibility and travelling convenience. It also minimises contact during Covid. Details on how to access the property will be made available shortly before your visit.

Your behaviour

  1. You will behave in a respectful and responsible manner while in the property giving due consideration to the occupants of the neighbouring apartment, local residents and neighbouring crofters and their property.

Condition of the property

  1. You agree and will ensure, that on departure, the accommodation will be left in the clean and tidy condition in which it is received.
  2. We do not charge a cleaning deposit, preferring to operate on mutual trust, but we reserve the right to charge an excess cleaning fee if the accommodation is left in a condition requiring additional cleaners to manage changeover. This will be charged at cost in addition to any specialist cleaning that may be required.

Additional Electricity

  1. £35 electric Summer [Apr-Sept] OR £50 electric Winter [Oct-Mar], and one bag of Logs is included per week let.
  2. The electric meter will be read after service for your arrival and by you prior to departure and noted to you on the arrival/departure paperwork.
  3. WE advise that you check these readings for your own information.
  4. You agree to pay any excess electricity charges due, on departure, at the current market value. A sample form can be viewed here.


  1. Any damage will be notified to the owner as soon as possible to facilitate repairs.
  2. Prompt access to the property will be facilitated to effect any maintenance or repairs that may be required.
  3. Any damage to the property whether accidental or willful will be paid for in full by the booking contact.

We strongly advice you to take out holiday cancellation insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances that may impact on your holiday.

These are now very much reaxed and remain only as a guide to any future occurrences or similar situations. 

We want to continue to welcome guests to Skye in a manner that enables them to safely enjoy their visit. We will maintain viral disinfection of all high touch points between each stay and a high standard of cleanliness throughout. While this may seem increasing irrelevant for some guests, we welcome visitors from all over the world and from countries whose Covid status varies significantly.

Our response to any future pandemics will  be advised by the governement at that time and the T&C’s below remain only as a guide to our approach to our responsibilities in  similar future situations. 

Skye is very remote with limited access to Intensive Care, has a fragile infrastructure and many vulnerable residents. These additional T&C’s are required to help us to be prepared and respond responsibly, to continue to suppress the transmission of the virus, and to protect our staff, local community and future guests. Your compliance with these T &C’s will enable us to ensure the correct cleaning protocol is put in place, at the right time, following an infection or suspected infection and prior to the arrival of incoming guests. It also enables us to give incoming guests sufficient notice if the cancellation of their visit is required.

  1. At all times we will be guided by the information provided by ScotGOV
  2. These Terms & Conditions may vary in accordance with ScotGOV travel guidance and you will be notified by email accordingly.
  3. All lets will be subject to ScotGov guidance and subject to travel restrictions that may apply between countries/tiers/levels at the time of placing the booking or at the time of the booking. We reserve the right to decline bookings within this guidance framework.
  4. Acceptance of International bookings will be conditional on compliance with ScotGov Travel Restrictions
  5. If you continue to place a booking in contravention of any of these rules, that we are subsequently required to cancel, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee to cover our expenses, of a £25 admin fee + credit card charges at cost
  6. Please note towels cannot be provided at this time and will be removed from your booking along with the associated costs.
  1. Under no circumstances can our properties be utilised as a facility for inbound travel Covid quarantine.
  2. Our properties cannot be booked for the purpose of self isolation, except where infection occurred during your visit. Conditions apply see below ‘YOUR FITNESS TO TRAVEL’, Mid-Visit.
  1. If your local region (1) goes into lockdown or remains in lockdown within 14 days of the start of your visit (2) moves into a tier or level from which travel to our area is restricted within 14 days of the start of your visit, you MUST notify us immediately. Your visit will be cancelled and a full refund will be given less a £25 admin fee + credit card charges at cost.
  2. If you are travelling from a country that is subject to incoming international restrictions or quarantine your booking will be cancelled and all deposits lost.
  1. Prior to your visit, if we are required to cancel your visit due to a customer isolating at the property, we will notify you as soon as that need is notified to us. We will refund your advance payment in full. We regret that we cannot be liable for any other costs which you may incur due to our cancellation. We will offer to assist where possible to help you secure a booking at a new property.
  1. If you are required to cancel your booking due to infection you must notify us immediately.
  2. On provision of evidence of notification to you from the NHS of (1) a positive PCR test or (2) instruction to self isolate; for either you or someone named on the original booking form, which makes it not possible for all of your party to travel, then we will cancel your booking and give a full refund less a £25 admin fee + credit card charges at cost.


  1. We will ask you to complete a fitness to travel declaration within 24 hrs of your arrival to our property. Pre Visit Health Declaration
  2. Access to the property will not be possible until a satisfactory declaration is received for everyone named in the booking. No refund will be given for any delayed access arising from your failure to comply.
  3. You will be asked to confirm the following;
  4. That you have not been notified by the NHS as a close contact who is required to self isolate.
  5. You have not returned from a country with travel restrictions requiring quarantine or self isolation, as outlined on ScotGov’s website.
  6. You have no symptoms of Covid.
  7. You have had no close contact with anyone
    1. who has tested positive
    2. is waiting on the result of a PCR test
    3. is showing Covid symptoms
  8. If anyone in your party replies yes to any of the questions in the declaration your party may be unable to travel to our property. In that event you will be refunded the full amount paid in advance, less a £25 admin fee and credit card fees at cost. Evidence of a positive test or requirement to isolate notification will be required, to secure your refund as described.


  1. During your visit, if anyone in your party, develops symptoms, becomes ill or is contacted by track and trace, you MUST notify us immediately by phone or email as detailed below.
  2. You must also notify the relevant authorities identified in the documents provided in the apartment and book the correct Covid test immediately.
  3. Whatever the result of a Covid test undertaken whilst staying in the property, you MUST advise us of the outcome of those tests.
  4. If anyone in your party has to isolate for any reason including, showing symptoms, testing positive or by being contacted via test and trace, and you are unable to return home immediately via private transport, you must tell us immediately.
  5. If you require to extend your visit as a result of infection identified during your visit, you agree to pay the full weekly costs, as advertised, per week (flat-rate) for each week or part off week you are required to remain at the property. This will be paid by credit card in advance each week.
  6. If you require to be supported during isolation with deliveries of shopping or medication these journeys will be charged at 40p per mile.
  7. During your visit, if you are required to isolate for any reason or test positive and are able to return home, none of the existing rental fees paid will be refundable. There will be no additional deep cleaning fees incurred.


  1. We will ask you to confirm your infection status before 9am on the day of your departure. We ask this to enable us to protect our staff when entering the property to manage changeover, to ensure we adopt the correct cleaning protocols and to enable us to notify incoming guests of a potential need to cancel. Pre Departure Health Declaration.
  1. We commit to all of our staff being fully vaccinated in lines with their entitlement.
  2. Our staff will complete a declaration of fitness to work, prior to servicing the apartment for your arrival.

We thank you for your patience, cooperation and understanding and wish you a safe and enjoyable visit to ‘Stay with us on Skye’.