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Inspire to Explore, Effective trip planning for your visit,  WELCOME to the Isle of Skye

This is a place which will inspire to explore, yet where the pace of life is relaxed, making it easy to escape everyday stresses and unwind. An island, of spectacular natural beauty, endless fresh air, and freedom. It is a magnificent place whose quirky island charisma is still influenced by its rich culture and Highland heritage. Yes, you will still encounter sheep on the road, a hairy, horned Highland cow gazing in your car window, wee red letterboxes set into stone walls. It is an iconic place that has not lost sense of its roots. 

Here rocky winged peninsulas reach far into the sparkling indigo blue waters of the Hebridean Minch, a breathtaking landscape that combines the grandest mountains, with deeply indented sea-lochs, perilous sea-cliffs and tiny secret beaches. Infused with ever-changing light and mood from dawn to dusk, dramatic sunsets develop before your eyes, the fieriest palette you will ever have seen. 

On coastal walks you will witness the call of the restless ocean, where protruding hooks of land curl the sea into fiercely tidal whirlpools by bright white lighthouses, to create an uprising of nutrients on which whales, dolphins, and basking shark arrive to feed. As magnificent sea-eagles soar effortlessly above the sea cliffs, the iconic puffin flaps its wings wildly to skim the waves. Both are high on the ‘wildlife would love to see’ list, but just as impressive, are the kittiwakes, tern, heron, guillemot, cormorant, and plummeting gannets. There are abundant opportunities to take a wildlife boat trip to experience these delights or to simply enjoy the seascapes. Perhaps a gentler stroll to Coral Beach to dip your toes in the crystal-clear waters or to let your imagination soar away with a kite is on your must do list. 

This is an ‘adventurers playground’ and for the  serious climbers will not resist the temptation of ‘The Mighty Cullin’, whose jagged rocky ridge stabs into the bright blue sky from most viewpoints in Northwest Skye. For those that do want to get active, there are endless walks at all skill levels, mountain biking in forestry, pony trekking, river and sea fishing, or why not explore the coast and its beaches in a kayak or by paddleboard. If you prefer to be immersed in coastal adventures, wild swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving offer world-class opportunities. 

Dunvegan Castle, Trumpan Church, historic duns and brochs and Faery Bridge, are just a few of the many historic sites to visit. Steeped in ‘heritage and legend’, of Vikings and Celts, and home to the Clans of the Macleod’s and MacDonald’s, Northwest Skye has experienced a bloody and turbulent history, leaving legend and battle-site for you to discover. Come and feel the echo of voices past, hear their laughter, the skirl of the bagpipes, sense their torment and imagine their stories.  

Those same stories, tradition, and culture richly inspire our prolific and talented arts and crafts industry today, and their vibrant Studio Trails. Fire your imagination, watch potters and printmakers, weavers and tanners, jeweller’s and bladesmiths or join a photographic workshop.  

The island’s musical heritage is rich and diverse inspired by its Celtic and Gaelic roots and throughout the island, you will hear a ‘wide diversity of music’ from deeply traditional to inspirational and eclectic fusion. Played on street corners, in pubs at Ceilidh’s and on stage or in a tent at a music festival, on the shoreside or hillside you just ever know where our next unforgettable musical encounter will be.  

For the wildly active, the outdoor enthusiast, the creatively minded, those seeking fine dining, the keen genealogist, the historically minded, families with children to tire, explorers and tourers Northwest Skye has plenty ‘To See & Do’. 

See it all, do it all, and then rest awhile with the finest local food and wine you’ll ever enjoy… and after, retire with a wee dram, craft beer or local Gin to ponder your day, by a cosy fire with a spectacular sunset sea-view.  

To help you plan your visit we have outlined regions on the map into areas with travel time guidance from the cottage, to assist you with effective trip planning, To add depth to those days we have added numerous links to local information brochures, places, experiences or businesses that we love or know come highly recommended, to assist you in planning days out to make effective use of time and fuel. Coming soon we will be creating some albums of top tips and favourites, of experiences or sites with no guidebook or website.

Point of Caution: Remember when out and about, maps and guidebooks are invaluable, mobile Apps and maps can be useful but they are not always in service so please do take care.


View our trip planning ideas on the ‘Location & Days Out’ page with suggested days out, travel times, brochures and books.